Everest Land Title Agency has the most experienced commercial real estate attorneys in the business. We offer single-point service for every client, regardless of size, complexity, or geographic diversity of the properties. We offer expert handling of the simplest transactions to the most complicated multi-property/multi-stage commercial transactions, providing personalized and individualized service for every client and every situation. Experienced commercial real estate attorneys have first-class transactional experience. This guarantees a practical, creative, competent, and client-focused approach to the transaction, translating into timely closings and reduced transaction costs. We specialize in:

Packaged Settlement Services:

Together, Everest Land Title and Crawford Law provide real estate settlement services to banks and other institutional lenders, often at a significant discount. The firms are known for packaging real estate settlement services to reduce client transaction costs.

Commercial Construction and Development:

Our real estate professionals provide expert support to construction lenders and commercial developers.

Multi-Family Housing:

We specialize in HUD subsidized and Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) transactions, closing tens of millions of dollars in housing-related financings every year.

CMBS Transactions:

Access to experienced commercial real estate attorneys guarantee borrower compliance with complex underwriting requirements for mortgage loans securing Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities.